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Ad Tech is a critical aspect of a publishers monetization strategy. Technology companies have created a plethora of new revenue making opportunities that go beyond the banner ad.  In his AdAge blog, George Coleman provides four strategies when beginning to explore the various technology choices.  If you’d like to continue the conversation, don’t hesitate to contact us.



When social media exploded, most CMOs were left scrambling to find a way to incorporate these new, emerging platforms into their marketing plans. This ushered in a new era of “social marketing,” which has blurred the line between branded advertising and public relations. While CMOs hurried to move past their anxieties, leading CEOs understood the value of this platform and placed even more pressure on their marketing chief to quickly embrace this new world order.

Today, the digital environment has become even more complex and the advertising technology sector is particularly treacherous. Modern marketers are being forced to adapt, evolve and react to a “performance marketing” world driven by new technology that is pushing them out of their comfort zones into a new reality. The core competencies of the marketing world have never been more open to doubt than they are today.

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