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The following commentary from Paul Michelman, editor at the Harvard Business Review, was a needed cry for innovation in regard to digital publishing in 2010.  Unfortunately, not much has changed and his words still ring true today.  As Michelman writes, “The magazine apps on your iPad seemingly represent no significant thought on how to serve the reader; they are about serving the business model. The websites you view on your iPad were built for the era of mice ‘n monitors, not touch screens you hold in your laps.”

by Paul Michelman  |  10:27 AM April 7, 2010

I thought I’d do something different and write a blog post about the iPad.

Why add to the noise? Because my beloved publishing industry, my source of professional identity and income, is on the verge of blowing it.

Let me run it down for you. Sometime around 2002, in boardrooms of publishing companies throughout the world, executives began to fret over the downward flow of advertising dollars from their magazines and newspapers. They’d built websites, sure, but those were barely breaking even. There was no clear path forward for the business. So we panicked and froze in place for eight years. Think Austin Powers. Or Han Solo.

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